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Variations on chorale theme: An Wasserfl├╝ssen Babylon - October 2018


The variations here are all on the chorale theme An Wasserflüssen Babylon taken from a practice session this month. They illustrate how I'm working towards a chorale partita by developing, experimenting (practising) contrapuntal lines against the theme.

This kind of work depends upon a certain level of harmonic awareness: I had to practice simple harmonisations slowly for many months to build up this awareness, and it's only recently that my fingers have loosened up to enable the kind of contrapuntal lines you can hear in the variations.

The next step will be to extend this contrapuntal work to 4 parts (all these variations develop 2 to 3 parts), which would enable a richer texture.

After that, I'd like to create more formal contrast between the variations. By this I mean that each variation is a real contrast in terms of texture and (melodic/rhythmic) motif.